Jonathan A Moody and Paul A Presenza talk about their love for independent films 

January 23, 2018

Indie Corner Update

Jonathan just updates everyone on what’s in store for this week on The Independent Corner radio show

Jonathan Moody Interviews actress/filmmaker/makeup artist Angela Pritchett at Mars Con.

January 17, 2018

Mars Con 2018: Carrie Vaughn

Jonathan Moody Interviews New York times best selling author Carrie Vaughn

Jonathan Moody speaks to author Michael Thompson about his book, "World of the Orb"

Jon chatted with voice actor Larry Kenney... the voice of Lion-O From Thundercats, Sonny the Coo Coo Bird, and many many others back in December of 2007  

Jonathan Moody chats with filmmaker Josh Becker back in December 18th of 2006 on this Throwback Thursday episode! 

On today's Independent Coroner Jonathan reviews 4 movies he recommends you check out for yourself on Amazon Prime. "Camp Blood 666" "#FromJennifer" "Victimized" and "The Fast and the fierce"

Back in November 27th of 2006 Jonathan Moody chatted with actor Andy Milonakis... this is their episode! 

Jonathan Moody reviews 4 movies from Full Moon Features: "Murdercycle" "Frankenstein/the Werewolf Reborn", "Stitches", and "Shrunken Heads" Jonathan also talks about his love for Full Moon and Full Moon Streaming.

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